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  • Human Resource Administration

  • Payroll Administration and Management

  • Employee Benefits

  • Government Compliance

  • Risk Management

  • Workers Compensation 

  • State Unemployment

  • General Liability Savings
Professional Payroll Concepts, Inc. operates as an ASO (Administrative Service Organization) / PSP (Payroll Service Provider) in the state of West Virginia and a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) in other states, offering administrative solutions to employers.  Our mission is to help employers  increase profitability by relieving them of the burdensome and expensive human resource-related tasks.

Employees are a company's most valuable asset.  How profitable could your company be if you didn't have to worry about time consuming human resource issues?

Outsourcing human resource management is an innovative way to increase your company's profitability and bottom line, while allowing you to focus on more important details of your business.  Call us today at 1.888.683.2368 or email us at!
Business Solutions.
Administrative Burden Relief 
Cost-Effective HR Solutions
Corporate-Style Benefits
                                    Kentucky Headquarters:  691 Lakeview Drive, Somerset, KY 42503    T. 859.684.0257     F. 954.324.8747

                                    WV Headquarters: 300 Jacobson Drive, Ste. 200, Poca, WV 25159    T. 304.345.1384     F. 304.345.1387