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Because of the large number of employees under our benefit plans, we are able to provide corporate-style benefits tailored to your company's needs.  These benefits are available to employees on a payroll deducted basis:

* Healthcare Insurance
* Dental Insurance
* Life Insurance
* Disability Insurance
* Cafeteria Plan
    * Pre-Tax Health, Dental, Life, Vision, Premiums
    * Up to $1,500 Pre-Tax for Unknown Medical Expense Reimbursement
    * Up to $5,000 Pre-Tax Dependent Daycare
* Credit Union
* 401-K Retirement Plan

Professional Payroll Concepts, Inc. will provide timely and accurate payroll, providing uninterrupted service in compliance with your company pay schedule.

* Payroll Checks, Journals, and Summaries
* Federal Deposits (FICA, W/H, FUTA)
* Quarterly Reports (941 and SUTA)
* Government Payroll Audits
* Federal Payroll Summaries
    * Year-end W-2s
    * W-3 Transmittal
    * 940 Reports

Employee Benefits
Professional Payroll Concepts, Inc. will provide guidance to all clients in employment risk management.  Our expertise Risk Manager will handle workers' compensation claims processes and will provide information about ever-changing government regulations.

* Improved Experience Modification Rating with proper risk managment
* Claims Management
* OSHA Compliance
...Get the help you need, when you need it....
Professional Payroll Concepts, Inc. provides an experienced human resource management function while you continue to maintain control over issues such as employee compensation, vacation policies, hiring & firing decisions, employee advancement, opportunities, and work schedules.

Personal Administration:
* EEO Claims
* Personnel Files
* Termination & Garnishments
* Employment & Wage Verification
Benefits Administration:
* Insurance Plans
* Cafeteria & Pension Plans
Unemployment Management:
* Claims Management
* Unemployment Hearings
Helping Small to Mid-Size 
Business for Over 15 Years

Professional Payroll Concepts, Inc. delivers its administrative business solutions by entering into a co-employment relationship with the client company and the client company's existing employees, including the business owner.  Under this arrangement, Personnel Management of WV assumes or shares many of the responsibilities of being an employer.

Why Choose Professional Payroll Concepts, Inc.?

* Increased profits

* Simplify your HR hassles

* Corporate benefits at a reduced rate

* Elimination of costly payroll errors

* Less stress about government compliance

* Our staff is qualified, experienced, dependable, & friendly

* It is our goal to help your business  succeed so our community can prosper