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"Things about PPC that I appreciate:
1) Transition from in-house to PPC is seamless with no glitches
2) It has saved me time and money
3) It allows me to focus on business and not worry about the administrative function of payroll and workers compensation.  I no longer have to deal with insurance audits.
4) The staff is prompt, professional, and responsive to any requests or questions that I may have.
5) Though I was already insured through a large group insurance company, PPC did save me money on health insurance and being part of a "larger group", my rates typically do not increase as much as in the past.
6) I enjoy the automatic withdraw convenience and direct deposit option, as well.
7) I have been in business over 30 years and would never consider using anything BUT a PEO to handle my administrative functions - it saves me time, money and hassles."
– Gary R., President /  CEO, General Contractor, Somerset, Kentucky

We are proud to share these testimonials from our clients:
"Any small to medium sized business owner should consider the advantages a PEO can provide them with.  PPC is very cost efficient, saving me time and money, while allowing me to focus on my business and employees, rather than the administrative burden and paperwork that can build up or become costly when using an accountant to deal with payroll and administrative functions."
 – Charles J., DVM, Veterinary Business, Lexington, Kentucky
"Our family business has used PPC for over 15 years now.  The staff there are warm, friendly, and very attentive.  They saved us money in workers compensation, unemployment, and allowed us to offer affordable insurance to our employees and their families.  The payroll service also saves us time and money.  It allows us to focus on our labor, service, and our employees - the core of our business."
- Jack K., President, Auto-body business, Charleston, West Virginia
Our Clients

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